Arden Tomosky

Board Secretary/ Director of Possibilities & Creation

Believing in the power of transformation by healthy lifestyles changes, and the impact it has on society, Arden's passion is contagious.  Taking a stand for health, regardless of income levels, culture, and age; is something she lives & breathes.  Arden's story with fitness began at a young age, when times of over processed food began to peak in communities across America.  Withtout the knowledge needed to make healthy choices in food habits, she began to have health problems in her teens.  After having her first child in 2009, she was overweight for the first time in her life, and didn't know what to do about it.  Using many different resources, she found it very difficult to afford studio grade fitness and be a full time mom. Working for a fitness clothing retailer, she began to make contacts in the fitness industry and started a journey of teaching group fitness along the way.  In 2012, a collaborative idea of three friends began to create a fitness company that was affordable and accessible.  They really had no idea the shape it was about to take when they took it on.  Months later, the idea was created to host fitness classes outside, community based, in a way that would beenfit the entire community.  The classes would be donation based, and the funds raised would be to create fitness & nutrition educational events for low income children & families.  With a vision of connecting our entire community in a new space of health, wellness & happiness, Infused Fitness was born. 

Arden currently serves on the Board of DIrectors as the Secretary, and is the DIrector of Possibilities & Creation.