Sweating for Karma

The morning fog rolled in just in time to provide refreshing dew throughout the Back Bay. Excited supporters wondered down the pathway though the beautiful vegetation, following the signs that read “ Infused Fitness presents Sweat for Karma” this Sunday morning was the launch of Infused Fitness’s newest adventure Sweat for Karma, a series of donation based classes hosted by local instructors at special locations and studios within Orange County. The donations go toward transforming our community and bringing fitness and nutrition knowledge into lower income areas within Orange County.  Eagar to discover what lay ahead everyone made in down to the designated spot and began to set up their mats. The instructor Jaime Komer a local athlete, yogi, and former Olympian, walked around greeting each attendee with a handshake and smile.  With a brief introduction about Jaime and her website & business Athelet.Yogi.Traveler, the Yoga class commenced.  After the renewing class smiles graced across everyone face as they arose. On the way back to the parking lot Nekter Juice Bar conveniently set up a booth overlooking the Back Bay. As the last few people made their way up the trail the sun began to peak through the clouds as if it too, was feeling renewed. Stories were shared, laugher was had, and juice was enjoyed; truly a moment of bliss, gratitude and Sweat for Karma.